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About Us

Serving Texans for over 130 Years

Farmers Mutual Insurance believes in our members and the communities that we serve and we pledge to offer superior services and products, while continually looking to improve the association to benefit our current members and future generations to come.

Who We Are

Farmers Mutual Insurance believes in our members and our communities that we serve. We have been protecting our members, through all the ups and downs, for over 130 years. Our belief is to treat others as you would like to be treated through the original concept that we were founded on . . . "neighbors helping neighbors". Our association is a Texas Property Insurance association that is member owned, and we do not answer to stockholders. At our annual meeting, our members meet to review the asssociation's financials and discuss the association as a whole.


Farmers Mutual began in 1889, when a group of local farmers joined together to protect themselves in case a fire damaged their property. These local farmers could not get insurance companies to cover them because they were in the rural area. This cooperative spirit helped ease the neighbors' concern and gave them a sense of dependability that we still see today for our Farm Mutual Association. Some of the original members are pictured below:

picture of founder Charles Alves

Charles Alves

picture of founder Franz Coreth

Franz Coreth

photo of founder A. W. Engel

A. W. Engel

photo of founder John Fenske

John Fenske

photo of founder Adolph Triesch

Adolph Triesch

Board of Directors

Acting President:
Chuck Knibbe

Terry Hall

Roger Bading
William Hofferichter
Josh Salge


photo of Josh Salge, President/General Manager

Josh Salge,
General Manager

photo of Terry Hall, Assistant General Manager/Bookkeeper

Terry Hall
Assistant General Manager

photo of Sherry Erben, Billing/Customer Service Representative

Sherry Erben

photo of Brooke Welty, Agency Secretary/Sales Representative/Customer Sales Representative

Brooke Welty
Agency Secretary, 
Sales Representative, CSR

photo of Russell Stollewerk, Field & Sales Rep for<br>
Association & Agency

Russell Stollewerk
Field & Sales Rep for
Association & Agency

Josh Hall, Reapppraisal Representative/Claims Representative

Josh Hall
Reapppraisal/Claims Representative