About Us

The original purpose of the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association (FMFIA) was for neighbors to form a cooperative organization in order to share the financial loss if a member's property was destroyed by fire. The original directors and officers included August Triesch, Charles Alves, and H. A. Rose.


The concept that guided the formation of the Association has not changed, but the coverages provided has kept pace with changing times. Today, in addition to fire insurance, extended coverage is also available which covers a multitude of other perils, including wind, hail, and theft.


FMFIA was formed more than 125 years ago and is very active in the Central Texas region. The majority of association members live in the coverage area . . . in turn investing in the local community by using area banks as depositories for funds and investing its surplus funds primarily in Texas municipalities and school districts through the purchase of bonds. Our policyholders own the company, therefore we do not have a board of stockholders to answer to.


FMFIA engages in a continual review of our coverages and rates. Our management and staff are dedicated to responding to our members' needs in a prompt and professional fashion. Our in-house agency, Farmers Mutual Insurance Agency, provides access to personal liability, farm liability, auto, and various other insurance coverages.


The Association has never emphasized growth for its own sake. We have always been driven with the goal of being the best, not necessarily the biggest. We continue to prosper in a manner that is consistent with our basic objective . . . that of neighbor helping neighbor.

FMFIA is dedicated to handling claims promptly, efficiently, courteously, and fairly. FMFIA offers helpful protection tips.


FMFIA reviews coverages and rates for the purpose of providing maximum coverage at reasonable rates.